Interpretation Services for Reservoir Engineering

More accurate and certain determination of dynamic reservoir properties across the life of your field

Schlumberger has a team of petrotechnical experts dedicated to providing prejob planning, real-time support, and postjob evaluation for downhole formation tester pressure measurements and fluid sampling. These measurements can be obtained via wireline in open holes and cased holes or via logging while drilling (LWD). We provide the latest technologies and workflows to determine fluid composition for flow assurance and help with the determination of reservoir continuity across your field.

Formation tester pressure

Schlumberger reservoir domain experts can analyze all pressure points recorded in the field and rank them by quality for both reservoir pressure and drawdown mobility. By eliminating low-quality pressure points, you can gain more reliable information about reservoir pressure, fluid gradients, fluid contacts, and permeability. The formation tester data can be analyzed, organized, and integrated with other log measurements, then compiled into a single report and dataset that can be easily incorporated into your workflow.

  • Log quality control of pressures and mobilities
  • Pressure gradient analysis
  • Fluid contact analysis
  • Excess pressure analysis
  • Pressure build-up analysis after pump-out
  • Horner and spherical plot analysis
  • Connectivity analysis

Stress testing analysis

Our reservoir domain experts can assist in the planning, real-time support, and data analysis of micro-fracture tests to estimate the minimum horizontal stress of a formation. This information provides critical input for completions design, especially when fracturing, and can also be used to calibrate a mechanical earth model.

Reservoir Hydraulic Connectivity Studies

Solve reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization concerns by identifying connectivity with unique equation-of-state modeling techniques.

Productivity Analysis

Choose the scale of reservoir property analysis that best helps you meet your production objectives with procedures that cover small-, intermediate-, and large-scale testing.

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Technical Paper

Application of Wireline Stress Testing for SAGD Caprock Integrity