Reservoir Hydraulic Connectivity Studies

Identify and evaluate reservoir connectivity with innovative modeling technologies

Schlumberger reservoir domain experts can characterize formation fluids in situ through innovative workflows integrating the many measurements provided from downhole fluid analyzers such as fluid color and compositional analysis, asphaltenes content, viscosity, density, florescence, resistivity, and pH measurements.

Our domain experts can integrate pressure data and downhole fluid analysis with geological and petrophysical models to help solve some of the biggest operator concerns such as reservoir connectivity and reservoir compartmentalization.

Integrated reservoir laboratory analysis

Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories help you accurately characterize your reservoir by taking the most accurate measurements and providing comprehensive fluid, rock, and core analysis. Whether you need to find the most profitable zones, ensure completion quality, or understand phase behavior under simulated or real operating conditions, each of the more than 25 laboratory locations around the world work to help you understand the dynamic properties of your reservoir to mitigate risk and maximize production.

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Real-Time Downhole Fluid Analysis

InSitu Density
InSitu Family quantitative fluid properties measurements are made at reservoir conditions: density, composition, gas/oil ratio and condensate/gas ratio, CO2, color, fluorescence, and pH.
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