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Understand fluid content and phase behavior through pressure measurement, downhole fluid analysis, and sampling

Determining how fluid behaves in the reservoir requires collecting data at reservoir conditions. Downhole pressure measurement, fluid analysis, and sampling can now be reliably conducted in what are challenging environments for conventional technology: low-permeability or unconsolidated formations, heavy oil, and rugose boreholes. The key to fluid acquisition and pressure pretesting is deploying the self-sealing Saturn 3D radial probe. True circumferential flow is quickly initiated and sustained in the formation around the borehole to significantly reduce the time needed to test and obtain representative formation fluids.

Saturn 3D Radial Probe

InSitu Fluid Analyzer

Quicksilver Probe

MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT

MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester



XL-Rock Large-Volume Rotary Sidewall Coring Service

MSCT Mechanical Sidewall Coring Tool

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Submillidarcy Pressures and Sampling Add to Net Pay

Saturn 3D Radial Probe Deepwater Australia
Saturn 3D radial probe extracted fluid samples and measured pressures to increase the net pay for an Australian deepwater reservoir with low permeability. Read case study

Real-Time Identification of Compositional Grading

Real-time downhole fluid analysis identified compositional grading through the inverse correspondence of InSitu Density measurements and GOR values.
InSitu Density sensor identified the contents of the near-critical reservoir to guide sample collection while the formation tester was still in the wellbore.
Read case study