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Remove uncertainties to reduce risk by using quantitative downhole fluid properties

InSitu Family quantitative fluid properties measurements at reservoir conditions enable you to investigate downhole fluids dynamically, revealing more about fluids as they flow. These measurements input to a fluid profiling characterization provide a window on your field’s fluids at true reservoir conditions.

Materials planning for scaling and corrosivity

By enabling you to identify fluid factors such as the potential for scaling and corrosivity from the outset, measurements by the InSitu pH sensor help you plan better for subsequent material choices. The InSitu Density sensor provides measurements you can use to predict the likelihood of liquid production with a greater degree of accuracy.

Designing for fluid content and homogeneity

Analysis of InSitu Family measurements also determines the CO2 content of produced fluids—a consideration critical in the design of LNG processing plants—and measures it to new levels of precision and sensitivity. The insights into the inhomogeneity of fluid zones that inform facility design go far beyond the results derived from conventional drillstem tests.

From treatment options to transport considerations, access to a broad range of InSitu Family fluid properties measurements makes it possible to answer important questions early on, to better plan facilities and limit surprises down the line.

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