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Directly measure the properties of pure reservoir fluids

With InSitu Family downhole quantitative fluid properties measurements, pressure-at-depth measurement is no longer the only source of information from which to derive fluid gradients. Because you can now directly measure density precisely at designated points, the uncertainty of pretest gradients is significantly reduced—a major advantage when performing thin-bed analysis.

Building on the value of the InSitu Family measurements for density and other fluid properties, analysis enhances the validity of data from other sources. For example, real-time point readings of viscosity using the InSitu Viscosity sensor give you information for calibrating nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logs, enabling the fine-tuning of fluid data along the length of your wellbore.

Pure fluids composition

The advanced algorithms used in the InSitu Family measurements process continuously monitor the purity of fluid entering the tool, so that fluid profiling is performed only when contamination levels fall to an ultralow level. As a result, your fluid composition results are delivered with a new degree of accuracy. This is understanding you can apply across your reservoir, revealing the subtle variations in fluid properties that offer a more detailed picture of zonal connectivity.

Fluid mobility determination

By facilitating access to key fluid properties, InSitu Family measurements analysis provides all the information needed to clearly define what will flow in the well. By determining the mobile fluid phase—even in complex transition zones—net to gross calculations are substantially improved.

Where time is paramount, the precision and purity of InSitu Family measurements enables you to focus your sampling activities. Now you can confidently sample fluids only where you need to, reducing time on station and boosting the efficiency of your operations.

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