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Quantify fluid properties in place

InSitu Family quantitative measurements of fluid properties at reservoir conditions capture the most detailed data yet of live fluid properties downhole, bringing geologists a step closer to the true geochemical context of the subsurface.

Validate reservoir correlations

The results of downhole fluid analysis (DFA) can be used to substantiate your existing geochemical data with accurate measurement of the composition and distribution of fluids. You'll gain insight into fluid inhomogeneities to better understand reservoir compartmentalization beyond conventional seismic determinations. Use insights into the zonal connectivity to help confirm the structure of the field and back up your geologic model.

With the quantified data of InSitu Family measurements as input to a fluid profiling characterization of reservoir fluid properties and quantification of their variation, you can compare and correlate with other fluid observations across the reservoir, more accurately gauge fluid composition, and better characterize hydrocarbon types.

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