Fluid Profiling—Production and Completion Engineering

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Inform your completion and production choices

Using unique InSitu Family fluid properties measurements to directly profile fluids downhole offers the closest representation yet of fluid composition and behavior. With input of the measurements to a fluid profiling characterization, you gain inside knowledge of hydrocarbon zonation to optimize your production forecast and improve the efficiency of your completion design.

Identify compartmentalization

In addition to the compartmentalization of hydrocarbon reservoirs, aquifer compartmentalization can be identified with measurements by the InSitu pH sensor. Comparison of InSitu Family fluid measurements with test or production data similarly can confirm compositional grading. You'll be able to accurately determine how variations in viscosity across multiple zones will affect the production profile.

Manage water production

Fluid profiling characterization in openhole environments is used to compare quantitative fluid information with production log data for determining the plugback depth or water cutoff in transition zones.

From managing water production to calculating artificial lift, planning your perforation strategy, interpreting logs, or forecasting, employing InSitu Family measurements in a fluid profiling characterization provides more targeted information than previously possible to advance your thinking.

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