Fluid Profiling—Reservoir Engineering

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Substantiate your predictions

InSitu Family downhole quantitative fluid properties measurements enable you to measure directly in the field—rather than approximate—how fluid properties vary within the reservoir. This more realistic picture of fluids reduces the uncertainty of pretest gradients and reveals subtle variations in fluid properties that shed more light on zonal connectivity.

Production concerns

Fluid profiling characterization built on InSitu Family measurements provides answers for a range of applications, helping you predict the scaling and corrosion potential of reservoir fluids, accurately determine CO2 levels, estimate liquid production in gas reservoirs, and identify the telltale fingerprints of water.

Composition variation

Gain accurate quantitative data on fluid composition, with an extended range of measurement that is ideal for condensate reservoirs. The ability to determine how density varies across the reservoir helps you better understand the compositional gradient of fluids for enhancing your reservoir model.

As a result, you’re better equipped to improve your fluids-in-place calculations, fine-tune your equation-of-state modeling, and anticipate future reservoir behavior.

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