InSitu CO2 Reservoir Fluid CO2 Sensor

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Reliable spectrometer CO2 measurement

Carbon dioxide is present in the fluids of many reservoirs and must be accurately accounted for when developing hydrocarbon reserves. However, reliable quantification of CO2 from reservoir fluid samples can be difficult, especially if there is water in the collected samples, because CO2 easily reacts with water, whether from mud filtrate contamination or formation water.

Accuracy from dedicated channels

The measurement of CO2 content by the InSitu CO2 sensor of the InSitu Fluid Analyzer system is performed with the filter array spectrometer. A dedicated channel to the CO2 absorption peak is complemented with dual baseline channels above and below that subtract out the overlapping spectrum of hydrocarbon and small amounts of water. The new channels and enhanced algorithm make it possible to plot the CO2 content in real time, together with upper and lower accuracy tolerances on the measurement. This gives increased confidence in the measurement accuracy for different environments.

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Optimal Wavelengths for Measuring Reservoir Fluids

The wavelength ranges of the filter array and grating optical spectrometers are optimized for the detection and analysis of hydrocarbon and CO2.
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