InSitu Density Reservoir Fluid Density Sensor

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Direct measurement of formation fluid density at reservoir conditions

The InSitu Density sensor directly measures formation fluid density in open hole at reservoir conditions. This accurate real-time measurement provides numerous advantages over surface measurements, especially for determining pressure gradients in thin beds or carbonate transition zones and identifying fluid contacts. The quantified variation of fluid density as a function of depth—instead of having to rely on a linear approximation—readily identifies both compositional grading within a fluid column and whether compartmentalization is affecting zonal connectivity.

The integrated electronics of this “smart” sensor make it easy to deploy the InSitu Density sensor in combination with Quicksilver Probe focused fluid extraction. Quicksilver Probe extraction delivers ultralow-contamination fluids that the InSitu Density sensor measures under flowing conditions. Because there is zero dead volume, the acquisition and analysis of pure samples is ensured.

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The Sample Purity You Need,
in a Fraction of the Time

Quicksilver Probe
The concentric probe design employed by Quicksilver Probe focused extraction acquires virtually contamination-free reservoir fluid for downhole fluid analysis and sample collection. Visit Quicksilver Probe page

Density of the Reservoir Fluid, Not the Mud and Filtrate

The InSitu Density sensor begins measurement at a station as soon as clean fluid is acquired, as shown in the data-quality flag between the density and pressure plots by the change from low (red) to green (high).
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