InSitu GOR Reservoir Fluid GOR and GCR Sensor

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Optical determination downhole of gas/oil ratio and gas/condensate ratio

The enhanced composition measurements of the InSitu GOR sensor are used to determine the gas/oil ratio (GOR) and gas/condensate ratio (GCR) from the vaporizations of the hydrocarbon and CO2 components at standard conditions for flashing a live fluid. This new implementation provides greater range and increased accuracy over the measurement offered in previous-generation optical tools.

Fluid purity indicator

GOR is an excellent indicator of the level of contamination in a reservoir fluid being extracted for downhole fluid analysis (DFA) or sample collections. DFA and laboratory analysis are both critically dependent on obtaining pure, uncontaminated fluid, but fluid extraction must strike a balance between purity and pumping time. When the GOR measurement levels off, contamination is no longer compromising sample quality, and results can be entered into reservoir simulation models with confidence.

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Comprehensive, Integrated Formation Pressure Analysis

The comprehensive InSitu Pro real-time quality control and interpretation software depth view combines the results of pressure and fluids analysis from multiple data sources.
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