MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester

Wireline formation testing for high-quality fluid samples and real-time reservoir pressure measurements

Meet the exact needs and goals of your data acquisition program with the readily customized MDT modular formation dynamics tester system. In one trip, you get the representative data you need for timely decisions:

  • Accurate real-time pressure measurements and permeability measurements from high-resolution gauges and precise flowline control to ensure monophasic flow.
  • High-purity and -quality reservoir fluid samples for downhole fluid analysis (DFA) or further PVT laboratory analysis.

Quantifying fluid purity for analysis and sample collection

The MDT wireline formation tester makes real-time flowline resistivity measurements at the probe module to discriminate between formation fluids and filtrate from water- and oil-base muds. Formation fluid is excluded from the sample chamber until a sample with an acceptably low level of contamination can be recovered.

To collect virtually contamination-free formation fluids in substantially less time than it takes with a conventional probe, Quicksilver Probe focused extraction of pure reservoir fluid is used with the MDT formation tester system. In conjunction with DFA, the quicker collection of more-representative samples for gives you a real-time understanding of hydrocarbon properties at reservoir PVT conditions while the MDT system is still in the borehole to avoid extended production testing or lengthy additional PVT laboratory work.

For challenging environments as varied as low-permeability or unconsolidated formations, heavy oil or near-critical fluids, and rugose boreholes, the Saturn 3D radial probe employs multiple self-sealing ports to circumferentially extract pure reservoir fluids and conduct pressure and permeability measurements. With a total surface flow area of 79.44 in2—a 1,200% increase over the largest conventional single-probe formation tester—the Saturn 3D radial probe extends wireline formation testing to previously inaccessible fluids and reservoirs conditions. 

Customizing MDT modules for your applications

The modular design of the MDT formation dynamics tester makes it easy to meet the exact needs and goals of your data acquisition program. Flexibility is designed in for compatibility with almost all Schlumberger measurement technologies. Modularity also enables evolving the MDT tester as new measurement techniques, technologies, and options are developed.

Saturn 3D Radial Probe

Flow fluid with the self-sealing radial probe for sampling and pressure measurement where it’s not been previously possible.

InSitu Fluid Analyzer 

Conduct real-time downhole fluid analysis using InSitu Fluid Analyzer integration of InSitu Family measurements and sensors with the modular MDT system.

Quicksilver Probe 

Collect virtually contamination-free formation fluids—in a fraction of the time it takes to collect conventional samples—with Quicksilver Probe focused extraction.

CFA Composition Fluid Analyzer

LFA Live Fluid Analyzer

MDT Low-Shock Sampling

MDT Permeability

MDT Single Phase

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