MDT Low-Shock Sampling

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Limit pressure drawdown to control shock effects during fluid extraction and sampling

The low-shock sampling technique limits pressure drawdown during fluid extraction and sampling. This helps avoid crossing the bubblepoint pressure, which would induce a two-phase condition in the flowline and the sample chambers. The shock is minimized by pumping formation fluids into the MDT modular formation dynamics tester tool against piston chambers held at borehole pressure instead of drawing formation fluid into chambers at atmospheric pressure. Pumping continues until an acceptable level of filtrate contamination is reached, and then the fluid is diverted to the sample chamber.

The Dual-Packer Module can be used with the MDT low-shock sampling configuration to further reduce the pressure drawdown caused by the area of flow.

Protect formation integrity

In addition to enabling single-phase sample recovery, low-shock sampling avoids breaking down the formation while sampling in unconsolidated reservoirs, which would cause the mobilization and flow of sand grains.

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Low-Shock Recovery of Single-Phase PVT Samples

The pumpout module drives the sample into a chamber against hydrostatic pressure to achieve the reduced pressure drawdown needed for the low-shock sampling technique.
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