MDT Low-Shock Sampling

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Date Title Challenge Products Society
Apr 2013 Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells Unconventional Resources, Geomechanics, Real-Time Operations, Exploration Mangrove, ECS, OBMI, Sonic Scanner, MDT, AbrasiFRAC, HiWAY, StimMAP, Petrel SPE
Oct 2012 Mini-DST to Characterize Formation Deliverability in the Bakken Unconventional Resources InSitu Fluid Analyzer, MDT SPE
Nov 2011 Application of Wireline Stress Testing for SAGD Caprock Integrity Enhanced Oil Recovery, Heavy Oil MDT SPE
Mar 2011 Rapid Producibility Evaluation of Thin, Sand-shale Laminated Reservoir - A Case Study in South China Sea NMR, MDT SPE
Sep 2010 In-Situ Heavy-Oil Fluid Density and Viscosity Determination Using Wireline Formation Testers in Carbonates Drilled With Water-Based Mud Heavy Oil InSitu Fluid Analyzer, InSitu Family, MDT, MDT Forte-HT, MDT Forte, Quicksilver Probe, CHDT SPE