SRFT Slimhole Repeat Formation Tester

Accurate pressure measurements and fluid sampling in small-diameter boreholes

The SRFT slimhole repeat formation tester—with a 3 3/8-in outside diameter—brings wireline formation testing for pressure measurement and sampling to small-diameter boreholes. It can also be run in wells where conventional tools cannot function because of abrupt changes in angle, swelling formations, hole restrictions, and other well stability problems.

Quartz gauge for multiple pressure measurements

The SRFT tool can be repeatedly set and retracted during a single trip in the well. Quick, accurate pressure measurements are provided by the CQG crystal quartz gauge.The proprietary CQG design incorporates a single quartz crystal that measures pressure and temperature at the same point in the crystal. This unique feature significantly reduces thermal effects to provide the most accurate pressure measurements available.

Sampling versatility in DOT-approved bottle

A segregated sample can be recovered in the SRFT sample bottle, which is easily detachable and DOT approved for transport. Alternatively, two fluid samples can be recovered from different depths.

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