SRFT Slimhole Repeat Formation Tester

The SRFT slimhole repeat formation tester makes it possible to accurately measure pressures and conduct mobility testing in small- or restricted-diameter boreholes. A reservoir pressure survey can be generated for connectivity analysis, along with the pressure gradient for fluid density and fluid contact information and fluid mobility determination to aid in sampling-point selection. One or two supplementary fluid samples can also be collected for laboratory analysis.

These data are the basis for accurate pressure profiles and mobility measurements that you can integrate with petrophysical, seismic, and conventional log data for a more complete reservoir picture. Our expert, multidisciplinary geoscientists and engineers work with you as needed to achieve an integrated interpretation, employing advanced workflows and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data and achieve the fullest possible understanding.

Interpretation Services for SRFT Slimhole Repeat Formation Tester
Wellsite Answers

Formation pressure

Drawdown mobility

Standard Interpretation

Grading of pressure and mobility quality

Pressure gradient analysis

Excess pressure analysis

Advanced Interpretation

Multiwell pressure gradient analysis

Single-well simulation for absolute open flow potential (AOFP)

Identification of flow barriers


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