PressureXpress Reservoir Pressure While Logging Service

Fast, accurate pressure and mobility measurements on the first logging run

PressureXpress reservoir pressure while logging service reduces the pressure testing process to less than a minute in most cases. During the first logging run you’ll get accurate real-time data measured in a fraction of the acquisition time required by conventional multifunction formation testers that also collect fluid samples.

With a focus on pressure measurement, operations are reliable and efficient. Minimized setting and retracting times streamline survey cycles. The enhanced pretest system incorporated in PressureXpress service is dynamically controlled for optimizing drawdown and buildup profiles with greater precision than possible with conventional hydraulic technology.

Identify compartments and fluid contacts

PressureXpress service quickly generates a reservoir pressure survey for connectivity analysis, the pressure gradient for fluid density and fluid contact information, and fluid mobility data to aid in sampling-point selection. These data are the basis for accurate pressure profiles and mobility measurements that you can integrate with petrophysical, seismic, and conventional log data for a more complete reservoir picture.

Minimize sticking

The tool’s OD and profile are designed to greatly reduce the risk of sticking. The eccentered tool shape, combined with a slight overbalance in setting force by the backup anchoring pistons, ensures an integral 1/2-in standoff from the formation during pretesting.

The smooth exterior profile minimizes mudcake scraping during conveyance of PressureXpress service. There are no external tool angles over 20°.

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Pressure While Logging Delineates Contacts in Shaly Sand

PressureXpress service measurements

Where conventional analysis could not distinguish oil and gas zones, PressureXpress service’s pressure measurements were used to accurately place the gas/oil and water/oil contacts to keep the lateral in the oil zone.

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Minimized Pretest Volume and Flowline Storage

PressureXpress tool
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