Saturn 3D Radial Probe for Fluid Sampling and Pressure Measurement

The Saturn 3D radial probe is deployed with the MDT modular formation dynamics tester to extend formation testing to previously inaccessible fluids and reservoir environments. Our reservoir evaluation experts meet with you to design the tester configuration incorporating the Saturn probe and specific procedures from the wide variety of available productivity and permeability tests along with fluid extraction and sampling, usually achievable in a single run of the toolstring. Because the Saturn probe extracts fluid across a large reservoir volume, flow is readily induced and sustained for viscous fluids and in low-mobility formations or uncemented matrix. We monitor in real time the quick removal of filtrate to draw in uncontaminated formation fluid for downhole fluid analysis (DFA) and sampling. Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts then work with you as needed to leverage this powerful fluid data, such as building predictive reservoir models to determine fluid compositional gradation and reservoir connectivity across the field.

Interpretation Services for MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester Configured with Saturn 3D Radial Probe and InSitu Fluid Analyzer System
Wellsite Answers

Formation pressure

Drawdown mobility

Downhole fluid analysis:  fluid color and compositional analysis, asphaltenes content, viscosity, density, fluorescence, resistivity, and pH

Hydrocarbon composition (C1, C2, C3–C5, and C6+)

Gas/oil ratio (GOR) 

Sample contamination monitoring
Standard Interpretation

Grading of pressure and mobility quality

Pressure gradient analysis

Excess pressure analysis
Advanced Interpretation

Multiwell pressure gradient analysis

Single-well simulation for absolute open flow potential (AOFP)

Determination of vertical permeability and identification of flow barriers

Reservoir connectivity studies using downhole fluid analysis and equation-of-state modeling


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More Than 500× Increase in Probe Surface Area

Saturn 3D Radial Probe
The larger flow area accessed by the Saturn probe makes it easy to flow heavy oils at low mobilities and from low-permeability reservoirs for fluid sampling and pressure testing.
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Saturn 3D radial probe
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