XL-Rock Large-Volume Rotary Sidewall Coring Service

XL-Rock Efficient, High-Recovery Collection of Large-Volume Core Samples

Up to 50 samples can be collected by XL-Rock large-volume rotary sidewall coring service in a single descent.

At each core point, the tool is anchored and the diamond coring bit assembly rotated from its transport position in the tool body to drill into the formation. Once the full length of the coring bit assembly has drilled into the formation, the assembly is canted upward to sever the end of the core, which is retained in the core bit by the core catcher ring as the assembly is retracted into the tool. Core markers separate each sidewall core sample stored in the tool for delivery to surface.

XL-Rock Large-Volume Rotary Sidewall Coring Service

Gas Shale Sidewall Cores Confirmed by Microimages

FMI image log clearly showing where XL-Rock core samples have been taken.
Imaging obtained with the FMI fullbore formation microimager clearly shows where large-volume cores were taken with XL-Rock rotary sidewall coring service for tight rock analysis on single-core samples instead of having to combine multiple conventional samples. Read case study

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