Scanner Family Rock and Fluid Characterization Services

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Jun 2013 New Wireline Dielectric Dispersion Logging Tool Result in Fluvio-Delatic Sands Drilled with Oil-Based Mud Dielectric Scanner SPWLA
Apr 2013 Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells Unconventional Resources, Geomechanics, Real-Time Operations, Exploration Mangrove, ECS, OBMI, Sonic Scanner, MDT, AbrasiFRAC, HiWAY, StimMAP, Petrel SPE
Jun 2012 A New Capture and Inelastic Spectroscopy Tool Takes Geochemical Logging to The Next Level Unconventional Resources, Real-Time Operations, High Pressure, High Temperature Litho Scanner SPWLA
Sep 2012 Innovative Approach to Characterizing a Heavy Oil North Sea Reservoir Drilled with OBM Heavy Oil Dielectric Scanner, MR Scanner, Sonic Scanner World Heavy Oil Congress
May 2011 Applications of Dielectric Dispersion Logging to Oil Shale Reservoirs Unconventional Resources Dielectric Scanner SPWLA