Reservoir Testing

Prove reservoir potential, confirm well performance, and improve field productivity

Schlumberger offers the broadest range of reservoir testing and measurement services available—from exploration and appraisal through development and production. Downhole or at the surface, get answers to questions about productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure, and temperature.

Introducing Concert Well Testing Live Performance

Concert well testing live performance brings new transparency and accessibility to well testing by giving everyone the same real-time information and communications capabilities: the wellsite crew, remote operations center, and customers in the office or wherever they designate. Read more

Downhole Reservoir Testing

Well Test Design and Interpretation

Downhole Pressure Measurement

Surface Well Testing

Reservoir Sampling and Analysis

Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring

Wireless Telemetry

Achieve bidirectional command and control between surface and downhole using wireless signals.

Subsea Landing String Services

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The Digital Future of Well Testing Is Here

Concert well testing live performance
Concert well testing live performance improves test efficiency, data quality, and safety through automated measurements and real-time information.
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Real-Time Downhole Testing with Wireless Telemetry

Quartet Downhole Reservoir Testing System Enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry
The Quartet downhole reservoir testing system combines four leading downhole tools in one shorter string—enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry.
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