Signature CQG Crystal Quartz Gauge

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Get the highest-resolution, most-accurate pressure measurements available

The Signature CQG crystal quartz gauge leads the market in high-quality pressure measurements. Designed with unique and proprietary sensor technology, the Signature CQG gauge delivers consistently accurate results for improved reservoir characterization.

Most-accurate measurements

The Signature CQG design incorporates a single quartz crystal that measures pressure and temperature at the same point in the crystal. This unique feature dramatically reduces thermal effects and provides the most accurate pressure measurements available.

Highest resolution and accuracy

Small, residual thermal effects are further minimized with real-time dynamic compensation. This one-of-a-kind capability enables a fast pressure response for the highest resolution and accuracy under dynamic downhole conditions.

Minimal drift for ultimate stability

The Signature CQG gauge’s unique dual-mode pressure sensor and highly accurate clock provides long-term pressure measurement with minimal drift for ultimate stability. This stability and industry-leading resolution allows operators to see farther into the reservoir and clearly detect boundaries.

Complementary downhole configuration

Run the Signature CQG gauge as part of the Quartet high-performance downhole reservoir testing system. The Quartet system delivers the highest-quality pressure measurements and representative fluid samples with maximum safety and efficiency for altogether better reservoir testing.

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