Downhole Reservoir Testing

Reliable, repeatable drillstem test data for informed characterization decisions

Since performing the first drillstem test (DST) in 1926, we've performed downhole tests that help customers economically achieve their test objectives. Whether the goal is determining reservoir pressure, permeability, skin, or productivity, our downhole technologies deliver the right answers.

Accurate downhole pressure measurements, even under hostile conditions, increase your confidence in reservoir characterization. Flexibility in downhole tool design delivers reservoir information from multiple zones on the same test, saving rig time and allowing rapid updates to reservoir models.

Quartet Downhole Reservoir Testing System

Enable the Quartet system with wireless telemetry to monitor and manage wellbore events as they happen, validate pressure data while you test, and ensure that you've met your test objectives before ending your test.

Quartet-HT High-Temperature Downhole Reservoir Testing System

uHPHT Single-Shot Reservoir Testing Systems

Downhole Test Tools

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Total Enhances Offshore Test with Accurate, Real-Time Data

Comparison with the pressure data stored in memory downhole shows the accuracy of the pressure data that was transmitted wirelessly in real time.
Signature quartz gauges obtained and wirelessly transmitted real-time pressure data continuously to help operator meet test objectives. Read case study

Real-Time Downhole Testing with Wireless Telemetry

Quartet Downhole Reservoir Testing System Enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry
The Quartet downhole reservoir testing system combines four leading downhole tools in one shorter string—enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry.
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