Downhole Test Tools

Optimize string design to meet your unique test objectives

Selecting the right equipment for your downhole test string is key to efficiently meeting your test objectives and, ultimately, accurately characterizing your reservoir. Schlumberger has a wide variety of downhole test tools and equipment that allow you to design an optimal test string to help you meet your test objectives—in any operating environment—with certainty.

Slip Joints

Circulating and Reversing Valves

Downhole Tester Valves

Downhole Safety Valves

Downhole Sampling

Downhole Pressure Gauges

Pressure Test and Fill-up Valves

Jars and Safety Joints

Shake stuck strings loose or quickly release from the packer.

Testing Packers

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Isolate, Control, Measure, and Sample—All in a Single Run

The Quartet High performance downhole reservoir testing system
Available with wireless telemetry or rated for high-temperature conditions, the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system combines 4 leading downhole tools into one advanced string to deliver altogether better reservoir testing.
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