Downhole Tester Valves

IRDV Intelligent Remote Dual Valve

The IRDV intelligent remote dual valve allows independent command of two valves in the tool string: a testing valve and a circulating valve. Powered by the IRIS intelligent remote implementation system, the IRDV dual valve can operate in multiple conditions and is immune to downhole pressure and temperature changes.

PCT Pressure Controlled Tester Valve

The PCT pressure controlled tester valve, operated by annulus pressure, is the downhole valve used to control formation flows and shut-ins for applications that do not use the IRIS intelligent remote implementation system. The PCT valve must be run in conjunction with either the hydrostatic reference tool or the PORT pressure-operated reference tool, either of which traps a reference pressure inside the PCT valve.

Dual-Action Valve

The dual-action valve is a fully opening downhole test valve that is run in the closed position, opened by annulus overpressure (rupture disc), and then reclosed by a second annulus overpressure (rupture disc). The operator mandrels are balanced to ID pressure.

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