Pressure Test and Fill-up Valves

Tubing-Fill Test Valve

The tubing-fill test valve (TFTV) enables filling and testing of the tubing while running in the hole.

Tubing Test Valve

The tubing tester valve (TTV) is a pressure test valve for ultra-HPHT testing operations. It serves as a means of pressure testing the tubing while running in the hole. The tubing can be tested at any depth by pressuring up on the tubing string. The TTV differs from the tubing-fill test valve (TFTV) in that it does not have flow ports and fill is via an open ID below the TTV.

Pipe Tester Valve

The pipe tester valve (PTV) is similar to the single-ball safety valve (SBSV), but it is normally run closed and opens permanently when the disc ruptures. This tool is useful for production-type tests to allow running in dry and pressure testing the pipe string.

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