Quartet-HT High-Temperature Downhole Reservoir Testing System

High-resolution measurements and reservoir-representative samples at ultrahigh temperatures

The Quartet-HT high-temperature downhole reservoir testing system comprises four leading downhole technologies that let you isolate, control, measure, and sample—all in a single trip and all at temperatures to 410 degF [210 degC].

Each of the four Quartet-HT technologies is engineered specifically for ultrahigh-temperature reservoir testing and offers multiple advantages over conventional drillstem test strings, including

  • all-ceramic multichip module electronics
  • high-resolution quartz measurements
  • no drill collars or slip joints
  • fewer seals and connections
  • multicycle flexibility
  • single-trip efficiency
  • shorter string design
  • less nitrogen
  • lower operating pressure
  • premium connections.

Get altogether higher performance in hostile conditions

With 100% quartz sensor measurements, all-ceramic electronics, and multicycle flexibility in extreme temperatures, the Quartet-HT testing system delivers an altogether higher performance in ultrahigh-temperature environments, so you can more accurately characterize your reservoir and be certain.

Isolate with CERTIS

The CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system combines many features of a conventional retrievable packer with those of a permanent production packer, including a built-in floating seal assembly that eliminates the need for drill collars and slip joints.

Control with IRDV

The IRDV intelligent remote dual valve combines a tester valve and a circulating valve that can be cycled independently or in sequence. The high-temperature version has a 100% ceramic multichip module design that ensures reliable multicycle operations at high temperatures.

Measure with Signature Quartz

Signature quartz gauges incorporate ceramic multichip-module electronics and all-quartz sensors, delivering high-resolution pressure measurements for the entire test duration.

Sample with SCAR

SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling delivers representative fluid samples from deep within the reservoir. Samples are collected directly in the flow stream to eliminate contamination caused by dead volumes.

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Get a Higher Degree of Certainty for Ultrahigh-Temperature Reservoir Tests

Quartet-HT Downhole Reservoir Testing System Quartet-HT
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