CERTIS High-Integrity Reservoir Test Isolation System

Retrievable test system that delivers production-level isolation

The first-of-a-kind CERTIS system delivers production-level isolation with single-trip retrievability. Its built-in floating seal assembly allows it to function like a production packer, and a straight-upward pull easily releases the packer for added flexibility.

Simplified string configuration

The CERTIS system was designed with a simplified string that eliminates the need for drill collars and slip joints, greatly reducing the number of individual tools, connections, and dynamic seals required downhole for more efficient operations.

Enhanced reservoir connectivity

With the CERTIS system, you can select the optimal perforating gun size to achieve a better connection to your reservoir. The system also allows gauges to be positioned below the packer, putting them closer to the reservoir during testing for the highest quality pressure measurements.

Safer, lower-risk operations

The CERTIS isolation system is set without string rotation or mechanical movement for faster, lower-risk operations, especially critical in subsea environments. The system provides the option to place a below-packer circulating valve on the test string for a more efficient well kill, which is particularly important during gas well testing operations.

Complementary downhole configuration

Run the CERTIS system as part of the Quartet-HT high-temperature downhole reservoir testing system or the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry. These systems deliver the highest-quality pressure measurements and representative fluid samples with maximum safety and efficiency for altogether higher-performance reservoir testing.

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