CERTIS High-Integrity Reservoir Test Isolation System

CERTIS High-Integrity Reservoir Test Isolation System

The CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system is a first-of-its-kind retrievable, single-trip test system that delivers production-level isolation. The system comprises four main sections: the setting mechanism, the packer body, the stinger, and the packer bypass release mechanism. When the system is run, the stinger locks to the packer body, and the stinger seal positions in the sealbore. When TD is reached, annulus pressure is applied to activate the hydraulic setting mechanism, and the isolation system is locked and set by a positive ratchet mechanism.

The CERTIS system design simplifies the downhole string configuration, requiring no string rotation, mechanical movement when setting, drill collars, or slip joints.

Isolate, Control, Measure, and Sample—All in a Single Run

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