PhaseSampler Multiphase Sampling Equipment

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Capture PVT-quality samples of multiphase fluids directly from the flowline

PhaseSampler multiphase sampling equipment provides on-demand information at the wellsite about key fluid properties. Used with PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment, this unique technology allows you to capture PVT-quality samples of multiphase fluids at line conditions, directly from the flowline.

Isolate fluids as they flow

PhaseSampler equipment enables multiphase inline sampling with a design that eliminates the need for prior separation. The system’s novel three-probe sampler device isolates individual phases as they flow.

Test challenging fluids

With PhaseSampler equipment, you can test wells with high oil or gas flow rates, as well as accommodate slug, mist, and other complex flows. Test the most challenging multiphase fluids, including gas condensates, heavy oils, and foams.

Get representative fluid samples

By capturing representative fluid samples at thermodynamic equilibrium, PhaseSampler equipment preserves accurate line pressure and temperature conditions.  Samples collected can be analyzed with thePVT Express onsite well fluid analysis service, and multiphase fluid data can be ready in a matter of hours. From composition to gas/oil ratio, data acquired by PhaseSampler equipment helps minimize fluid unknowns during exploration and appraisal, development, and production.

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