PhaseTester Portable Multiphase Well Testing Equipment

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Flow rate measurements across the life of your field

Designed for easy deployment, PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment provides flow rate measurements across the life of your field. The Vx multiphase well testing technology used by PhaseTester equipment enhances and improves performance over traditional testing methods.

Measure flow during entire test process

From test design to reservoir interpretation, PhaseTester equipment is adaptable to match the needs of each job. Services include site-specific safety analysis, wellsite operations, well test reporting, well data analysis, and production diagnosis.

Reduce cost per well test

With minimal footprint and onsite installation processes, PhaseTester equipment reduces the cost per well tested through efficiency and simplified logistics. The system’s compact size allows it to be mounted on a portable skid for temporary installations.

Test multiple wells daily

PhaseTester equipment with Vx technology has excellent dynamic response to fluctuating flows and are not affected by complex flow regimes. Because PhaseTester equipment takes accurate and repeatable measurements with little or no stabilization time, as many as three wells can be tested per day on a typical production station.

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Production Enhancement for Underperforming Wells

Oil vs. gas flow rates as measured on a fixed surface choke.
PhaseTester equipment with Vx technology quantifies performance of artificial lift method, enabling successful recompletion in Middle East.
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