Multiphase Meters with Vx Technology Adapt to Heavy Oil

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Simple, robust solution to multiphase flow rate measurement in challenging heavy oil environments

Multiphase metering based on Vx multiphase well testing technology is the answer for many of the challenges in heavy oil exploration and development. Accurately evaluating reservoir productivity is a challenge, especially during the early stages of exploration. In a heavy oil environment, standard separators cannot always acquire accurate flow data. Using Vx technology with PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment or PhaseWatcher fixed multiphase well production monitoring equipment provides a simple, compact, and robust solution to many of the common problems in these challenging environments, without requiring separation for flow rate measurement.

Vx technology adaptations

Efforts to extend the operating envelope in the field have led to the creation of special procedures, refined over time, and gradually resulting in a more accurate interpretation model, including fit-to-purpose fluid properties packages. The overall envelope has been expanded to cover a wider range of situations. Based on this experience in heavy oil well testing worldwide, Schlumberger created a database of best practices.

Adding PVT Express analysis service

Heavy oil scenarios often remain outside the fluid properties standard black oil model, which is based on a series of well-known correlations. In such environments, a significant data enhancement can be achieved by adding PVT Express onsite well fluid analysis to increase the accuracy of the final flow rate measurements by removing the uncertainty caused by fluid properties. Sample analyses are produced using less than 50 cm3 of reservoir fluid, collected during bottomhole or surface sampling. In addition, the PVT results can be downloaded to the PhaseTester meter, allowing onsite computation of accurate flow rates at standard conditions, improving wellsite data quality and decision making.

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Multiphase metering based on Vx technology is the answer for many of the challenges in heavy-oil exploration and development.