Real-Time Well Testing Services

Date Title Challenge Products Society
Mar 2012 Innovative Work Scheme: Real Time Analysis During Well Test Operations Real-Time Operations, Carbonates, Exploration Vx Technology, PhaseTester, IRIS, SCAR, Testing Manager SPE
Mar 2010 Remote Real Time Well Testing—Experience in the Grove Gas Field in the North Sea InterACT, InterACT Visualization, EnACT, Signature, Signature CQG, Quartet, CERTIS, IRIS, SCAR, PLT, DST (Drillstem Testing) SPE
Nov 2010 Successful Implementation of InterACT (Real Time Data Transmission) in Testing Services Real-Time Operations InterACT, Vx Technology, PhaseTester, DART SPE
Nov 2010 Reservoir Test Optimization in Real Time with New Wireless Telemetry System Real-Time Operations EnACT SPE
Nov 2011 Methodologies, Solutions, and Lessons Learned from Heavy Oil Well Testing with an ESP Heavy Oil, Real-Time Operations, Flow Assurance Electric Submersible Pumps, PhaseWatcher, Vx Technology, Quartet, Signature, Signature CQG, IRIS, QUANTUM, MFIV, TFTV, EnACT, SCAR, DST (Drillstem Testing), MeshRite SPE