Reservoir Sampling and Analysis

Research-quality reservoir data and expert interpretation

Schlumberger sampling and analysis services optimize your production decisions with a global network of sampling operation and reservoir fluid and rock analysis centers. We have industry-leading technology for mercury-free reservoir fluid sampling, wellsite analysis, sample management, fluid laboratory analysis and rock laboratory services for conventional and unconventional plays.

Downhole Sampling

Recover formation fluid samples at reservoir conditions with a suite of pressure-compensating equipment that allows controlled, uncontaminated sampling without flashing.

Surface Sampling

Wellsite Fluid Analysis

Fluid Laboratory Services

Optimize production decisions with representative fluid-property measurements and expert-led data interpretation. All services include the highest levels of QA, from the critical first step of sample preparation to advanced studies on PVT, EOR, flow assurance, and heavy oil. Our ability to create real-world reservoir conditions—up to 250 degC and 25,000 psi pressure—enables us to handle difficult problems and custom programs that are often beyond the scope of other labs.

Rock Laboratory Services

Maximize recovery and optimize production for the life of your reservoir with a full suite of core processing and analysis services that include wellsite handling, gamma logging, computerized tomography (CT) scanning, plug sampling, scaling, and core photography.

Related services and products

Technical challenges

PhaseSampler Multiphase Sampling Equipment

Capture PVT-quality samples of multiphase fluids directly from the flowline.
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Wellsite Chemistry Services

Wellsite Chemistry Services
Accurate, representative fluids data delivered at the well site for better-informed, rapid decision making. Download product sheet (1.09 MB PDF)