Downhole Sampling

Downhole sampling involves capturing reservoir fluid samples at reservoir conditions. To obtain accurate compositional and PVT analyses of these samples, the recovered samples must remain in downhole conditions. Special chambers compensate for the pressure drop as the samples are returned to the surface.

SCAR Inline Independent Reservoir Fluid Sampling

Cased Hole Field Transfer Unit

Openhole MDT Sample Transfer Equipment

Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler

Slimline Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler

Single-Phase Multisample Chamber

Nonreactive Reservoir Sampler

Capture chemically representative samples during bottomhole sampling operations.

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Contaminant-Free, In-Line Reservoir Fluid Sampling

SCAR Inline Independent Reservoir Fluid Sampling
SCAR sampling obtains representative, contaminant-free fluid samples and uses 90% less nitrogen than conventional sampling systems.
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