Cased Hole Field Transfer Unit

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Improved single-phase sample transfer in less than 1 h

The field transfer unit (FTU) is a customized field workstation designed for the transfer and validation of single-phase reservoir fluid samples into single-phase transport cylinders. The expedited yet reliable sample-transfer process can be performed in less than one hour—with no compromise in sample quality.

Simplified yet reliable design

To allow for fast field rig-up, a nitrogen intensifier and two air-operated high-pressure pumps—for synthetic oil and water—are built into the unit. The FTU supports the single-phase reservoir sampler and sample bottle together and increases reliability by requiring a minimum of new connections to be installed and tested before commencing the transfer. Dedicated hoses for all displacement fluids ensure no cross-contamination of samples, and stainless-steel construction prevents contamination caused by line corrosion. High-pressure quick-connect couplings ensure easy operation with no thread galling or cross-threading and permits easy field maintenance.

Validated results with minimized risk

Following transfer, sample validation can be confirmed by field bubblepoint measurement. This validation is performed using a constant-volume cell (2 cm3) connected to a calibrated dial test gauge. This cell removes the risk of error and ensures that identical volumes are progressively removed during depressurization, producing reliable field bubblepoint determination.

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