Nonreactive Reservoir Sampler

Provides chemically representative reservoir fluid samples

The nonreactive reservoir sampler (NRS) is a single-phase reservoir sampler (SRS) that is modified to obtain chemically representative samples during bottomhole sampling operations. Any SRS in the bottomhole sampling tool string can be converted into an NRS by replacing all components that contact the sample during recovery and transfer.

All sample-wetted components in the NRS are constructed from, or coated with, inert materials evaluated during an exhaustive testing project of more than 3,000 h. The NRS greatly reduces the loss of H2S, mercaptans, and other trace elements caused by reaction with the sample chamber. Monophasic sampling avoids partitioning of trace components between phases. This allows controlled flashing of the sample to obtain accurate measurements of H2S in the gas, oil, and water phases. The NRS has all the features and benefits of the field-proven SRS design.

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