Single-Phase Multisample Chamber

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Pressure-compensating openhole sampling tool

The single-phase multisample chamber (SPMC) is a unique sampling system, used with the MDT modular formation dynamics tester, which recovers high-quality, pressure-compensated fluid samples during openhole logging operations. Up to six SPMC tools can be run with each MDT multisample module.

The SPMC sampler operates mercury free and eliminates sample flashing by using controlled displacement sampling while collecting reservoir fluid. The SPMC is used to acquire truly representative fluid samples for applications where the measurements require unaltered reservoir fluids. There is no dead volume, which ensures accurate results, including consistent GOR and saturation pressure data. Proper design of the sampling program can, in some cases, control drawdown to a few psi, allowing for representative samples to be collected from near-saturated reservoirs.

The pressure compensation feature provides sample recovery at pressures equal to or greater than reservoir pressure. Because the sample is retrieved to the surface in single phase, it does not require lengthy recombination at the wellsite.

Transportable, HPHT-rated version

A transportable single-phase multisample chamber (SPMC-T) system is available that captures representative samples during openhole logging operations. This version enables advanced and routine PVT and compositional analyses on the entire range of reservoir fluids, even from HPHT, high-H2S, and deepwater reservoirs. Upon retrieval, samples are restored to reservoir conditions—up to 20,000 psi [140 MPa] and 354 degF [179 degC]—prior to sample transfer and wellsite or laboratory analysis.

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