Wellsite Fluid Analysis

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Get PVT results within eight hours

PVT Express onsite well fluid analysis service delivers comprehensive data without health, safety and environmental risks. You can make fast decisions about additional wireline formation or downhole testing.

Save rig time and associated costs

In a well offshore Newfoundland, uncontaminated, hydrocarbon samples had to be recovered without undergoing phase changes. PVT Express delivered two complete studies within hours. These results matched the known PVT properties from the exploratory well. A full well test was unnecessary, and the operator saved a significant amount of money.

Increase efficiency with better sampling

An Oman operator needed gas condensate bottomhole samples and had to monitor surface gas and liquid composition for stabilized flow. The first analysis in the PVT Express lab showed a measured dewpoint close to the flowing bottomhole pressure, indicating the samples were nonrepresentative. The dewpoint on a second set of bottomhole samples was well below the flowing bottomhole pressure. Representative bottomhole samples showed the well was producing monophasically into the wellbore.

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Wellsite Chemistry Services

Wellsite Chemistry Services
Accurate, representative fluids data delivered at the well site for better-informed, rapid decision making. Download product sheet (1.09 MB PDF)