Effluent Handling and Disposal

Treatment alternatives with efficiency and greater safety

When handling and disposing of effluents at conventional permanent production facilities is not feasible, surface testing equipment is a solution. Schlumberger effluent handling and disposal equipment for surface well testing operations present more effective effluent-treatment options that ensure regulatory compliance while reducing the impact of testing operations.

ClearPhase Mobile Testing Discharge Treatment

EverGreen Well Effluent Burner

Dual-Pot Sand Filter

Filter with two filter pots and interconnecting piping to remove sand and other solid particles from well effluent, preventing the erosion of downstream equipment.

Steam-Heat Exchanger

Raise the temperature of well effluents to prevent hydrate formation, reduce viscosity, and break down emulsions for efficient separation of oil and water.

Indirect-Fired Heater

Raise the temperature of well effluents to reduce viscosity and prevent hydrate formation with this skid-mounted indirect-fired diesel heater.

Vertical Surge Tank

Store liquid hydrocarbons after separation, and measure liquid flow rates and combined shrinkage and meter factor; also used as a second-stage separator.

Atmospheric Gauge Tank

Measure flow rates and calibrate metering devices on separator lines with this nonpressurized tank that can also be used for temporary storage.

Transfer Pump

Pump oil from tank to burner or from tank into existing flowline; usually fitted with explosion-proof electrical motor for operations in Zone 2 regions, and can also be fitted with diesel engine for remote location operations.

Oil and Gas Manifolds

Divert oil or gas without flow interruption from a separator to burners for disposal, to a tank for measurements or storage, or to a production line.


Keep the flare at a safe distance from the rig structure, reducing heat radiation and fire risk.


Keep the flare at a safe distance with a heavy-duty modular triangular boom that was designed for use in the North Sea.

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Efficient Discharge Treatment Recovers 402 bbl of Effluent

The ClearPhase self-contained pressurized unit integrates seamlessly with the offshore spread, minimizing footprint.
ClearPhase treatment extracted residual oil from water to a level as low as 2 ppm offshore West Africa.
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ClearPhase Treatment Results

Oil in water content at ClearPhase inlet and outlet
ClearPhase discharge treatment reduces oil in water to less than 20 ppm. Visit ClearPhase page