ClearPhase Mobile Testing Discharge Treatment

Efficient, effective disposal and water treatment with minimized impact and footprint

ClearPhase mobile testing discharge treatment helps operators meet strict environmental discharge requirements to allow water disposal directly into the sea. ClearPhase treatment, designed for exploration and development well testing and cleanup, provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to water storage, transport, and onshore disposal.

Reduce oil in water to 20 ppm

ClearPhase treatment consists of a horizontal vessel containing five coalescing packs that are evenly distributed along the vessel length. It combines coalescing and gravity separation techniques to reduce the oil content in the water recovered in the well test separator. The oil-in-water concentration is reduced from 20,000 ppm in the feed to less than 20 ppm at the outlet, even with low-API oil. ClearPhase treatment is ideal for testing operations in environmentally sensitive areas.

Eliminate by-product generation

The primary coalescing material used in ClearPhase treatment is the RPA Reusable Petroleum Absorbent polymer from ProSep Inc. This material can be regenerated through centrifugation; thus, no waste or by-products are generated. The ClearPhase treatment unit is fitted with a continuous solids interceptor located at the inlet to remove dispersed solids in the feed water and avoid plugging the coalescing media.

Monitor discharge in real time

The oil-in-water content at the inlet and outlet can be either measured in real time through a continuous oil-in-water monitor or with a tabletop analyzer for samples.

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Efficient Discharge Treatment Recovers 402 bbl of Effluent

The ClearPhase self-contained pressurized unit integrates seamlessly with the offshore spread, minimizing footprint.
ClearPhase treatment extracted residual oil from water to a level as low as 2 ppm offshore West Africa.
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