Modular Compact Well Test System

Adaptable, streamlined equipment to achieve your test objectives while minimizing footprint

When rig space is critical, the Schlumberger modular compact well test system can help you achieve your test objectives with 50% less rig-up time and 40% less deck space required—while ensuring reliable, repeatable results. The system’s design allows for quick positioning, minimized flowlines and connection, and reduced manual handling while maximizing the efficiency of your well test.

Minimal rig-up time and rig space

Optimized packaging and an innovative, DNV 2.71-approved interlocking clamp system improve flexibility, positioning, and equipment stacking for faster rig-up that can be completed independent of the ongoing drilling process. On some wells, this could allow the mobilization and the rigging-up of well test equipment immediately after the decision to perform a test has been made.

Large pump and storage capacity

Though the system is compact, its robust design and large surge tanks make for large storage capacity to handle extended- and long-duration well tests, even on complex deepwater jobs. Its 320-bbl surge tanks are fitted with a heat tracer that provides up to 176 degF [80 degC], a rating suited for heavy oil operations. Further, pump capacity is 4,000 bbl/d and includes a backup. When run in parallel, the burning capacity reaches 8,000 bbl/d.

Complementary technologies and equipment

To greater improve equipment efficiency, the modular compact well test equipment is compatible with advanced equipment for improved separation and flowmetering. Separator options include the CleanSep adjustable well test separator with SmartWeir phase separation technology for improved and automated separation processes. The system is readily compatible with ClearPhase mobile testing discharge treatment, streamlining the testing process when water treatment is required. With an oil-in-water concentration of 20,000 ppm in the feed reduced to less than 20 ppm at the outlet, the ClearPhase unit is ideal for testing operations in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Modular Compact Well Test SystemModular compact well test system.
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