Multiphase Flow Measurement

High-quality data and samples—no separation required

Schlumberger multiphase well testing and sampling equipment provides a simplified, efficient solution to testing operations and delivers critical well diagnostic information—without complex conventional testing operations, and without prior separation.

Best-possible data with real-time delivery

Our suite of multiphase well testing equipment provides the best live flow rate rate and fluid property measurements available, enabling the full potential of multiphase well testing to be realized. Fluctuating flows are met with excellent dynamic response, little or no stabilization time is required, and HPHT conditions are handled with certainty.

Vx Spectra Surface Multiphase Flowmeter

Accurately measure the full spectrum of multiphase flow rates while monitoring and evaluating production in real time with a compact flowmeter specifically designed for topside and land applications.

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Industry’s Most Accurate Surface Multiphase Flowmeter

Vx Spectra Multiphase Flowmeter
Only the Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter captures the full spectrum of gamma energy levels at high frequency from a single point in the venturi throat, ensuring the most accurate flow rate measurements in all flow conditions. Visit Vx Spectra Flowmeter page