Surface Sampling

Representative fluid sample collection at the surface

Surface sampling from the wellhead, separator, and stock tank is performed during most surface well tests. When separator recombination samples are the only available representative samples, the accuracy of the separator flow rate measurements and stability of separation conditions are especially critical to the accurate determination of reservoir phase behavior from the recombined fluids.

PhaseSampler Multiphase Sampling Equipment

Capture PVT-quality samples of multiphase fluids at line conditions, directly from the flowline.

Data Header

Short sub connected to upstream side of choke manifold to provide additional pressure gauge, thermowell, and sampling or injection ports; allows connection of pressure and temperature monitoring equipment, as well as sampling and injection equipment.

  • Data Header (0.19 MB PDF)

Wellhead Sampling Manifold

Wellhead Sampling Manifold (WSM) for safe sampling of HP/HT fluids

Single-Phase Sample Bottle

Mercury-free, large volume sample cylinder for monophasic sampling, transportation, and storage.

Conventional Sample Bottle

Conventional sample bottle (CSB) for diphastic PVT sample transportation

Gas Sample Bottles

Gas sample bottles for separator and process-line sample transportation and storage

Zero Pressure Oil and Water Containers

Collected samples for produced water analysis, refinery product assays, production problem testing, and pipeline optimization.

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