CleanPhase Well Test Separator

Save cleanup time, improve safety, and minimize environmental risk

The CleanPhase well test separator with SmartWeir technology enables faster, more efficient well cleanup and well testing. Combining an advanced flow metering system and optimized separation, the CleanPhase separator provides true three-phase separation and measurements in a wide range of operating conditions, including those with high pressures and high flow rates.

Reduce cleanup time

The CleanPhase separator goes online when a well first opens and processes effluents while the well is cleaned up on large chokes for faster operations.

Minimize environmental impact

SmartWeir separation technology optimizes the retention times of the three phases, improving separation and reducing the risk of unseparated fluid disposal.

Get accurate, continuous measurements

From the opening of the well to final shut-in, the separator’s Coriolis meters provide continuous, highly-accurate flow rate measurements.

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Faster Cleanup with Accurate Measurements

The CleanPhase separator helped Sirte confirm multiphase flow rate test results. Read case study