Muzic Wireless Telemetry

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Bidirectional command and control between surface and downhole—wirelessly

Muzic wireless telemetry is the industry’s fastest, most advanced system for achieving real-time bidirectional communication between surface and downhole. Data monitoring and tool control are provided through an acoustic signal that is digitized and transmitted across the toolstring using a network of repeaters.

Maintain communications in challenging environments

Muzic wireless telemetry has an extensive track record of maintaining high data transmission density across packers, screens, valves, jet pumps, and gravel packs.

Chevron Uses Wireless Telemetry During Noisy Downhole Operation

Signature quartz gauges enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry successfully transmitted real-time downhole gauge data during the entire test despite the noisy environment, onshore Iraq. Read case study

Meet well test objectives with real-time data validation

Real-time bidirectional communication enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry supports better informed decision making and validation of objectives before ending the well test.

Wintershall Norway Completes Perforating Operation Wirelessly

eFire-TCP tubing-conveyed perforating electronic firing head enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry successfully triggered multizone perforating using wireless signals instead of pressure pulse commands.
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Technology enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry

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Valuable Downhole Data Retrieved Wirelessly for Pressure Transient Analysis

Quartet Downhole Reservoir Testing System Enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry
Bottomhole pressure data was successfully transmitted at fast scanning rates despite potential interference from perforating guns. Read case study