WIReD Wireline Inline Release Device

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Flexible, reliable release on demand that overcomes weakpoint challenges

Combinable with standard wireline logging services, tractors, and intervention services, the WIReD release device can be located at multiple positions in a toolstring to provide reliable contingency solutions in case of a release. Release redundancy is achieved by surface release capability backed by a battery-powered release option—both enabled in the same run.

The surface release employs a new communication scheme that indicates tool status in real time and does not interfere with any other tool acquisition, nor is there any risk that other tools can affect the release circuitry.

Full pull capacity to mitigate risk

Rated to 50,000-lbf tension, the WIReD inline release device enables conveyance systems to perform to their maximum capacity. Unlike conventional mechanical releases and electrically controlled release devices—both of which have a specified weakpoint—the WIReD device does not limit operations by precluding use of the full pull capacity.

Shock qualified for perforating long intervals

The rugged WIReD release device has also been extensively shock qualified to readily manage the high shock that can be generated during perforating operations. This capability supports running long, heavy gun strings for efficiently perforating extended intervals in fewer runs.

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Disconnection Risk Mitigated with Wireline Release Device

The WIThe WIReD wireline inline release device is rated  to 50,000-lbf tension, which enables conveyance systems to perform to their maximum pulling capacity.
Significant rig time was saved by using the XR-Perf system with UltraTRAC tractor and WIReD release device to run longer gun strings instead of defaulting to alternative conveyance. Read case study