End-to-End Completions System Rated to 15,000 psi

For hostile downhole conditions, integrity and reliability in completions equipment is critical. Schlumberger offers a full suite of 15,000-psi-rated completions equipment proven to meet our customers’ needs.


Subsurface Safety Valve Protects production installations against uncontrolled flow.

Chemical Injection Mandrel Enables injection for corrosion prevention and inhibition of gas hydrates, scale, asphaltenes, or paraffin.

Production Packer Enhances completion integrity and longevity.

Permanent Downhole Gauge Acquires pressure, temperature, flow rate, and fluid density measurements.

Lower Completion Packer Enables single-trip production gravel packing in standard and large-bore configurations.

Isolation Valve Isolates reservoir fluids in the lower completion, allowing operators to transition from the lower to the upper completion without intervention.

Flow Control Valve Controls multiple zones selectively to reduce water and gas cut, minimize well interventions, and maximize well productivity.

Coupler Transmits data and electric power wirelessly across any number of junctions in the well.

Sand Screens Retains integrity while maintaining a barrier to sand ingress with direct-wire-wrapped screens.

Sandface Measurements Provides unparalleled levels of reservoir management with distributed measurements across the entire sandface.

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