Completion Accessories

Tubular accessories to customize completions

Schlumberger offers an extensive array of completion tubular accessories to customize your well completions and mitigate risk for the life of the well. Our products resolve issues related to tubing movement, scale buildup, corrosion, erosion, selective production, zonal isolation, intelligent completions, and more. 

Chemical Injection Mandrels

Inject chemicals downhole in applications beyond the pressure, temperature, and tensile-load resistance restrictions of conventional products.

Adjustable Union & Joint

Achieve the desired length of production tubing without loss of pressure integrity.

Expansion & Slip Joints

Accommodate tubing movement without loss of pressure integrity.

Blanking & Circulating Plugs, Standing Valves

Hold pressure and control flow from above, below, or both directions in single and dual completions.


Seating & Landing Nipples

Provide a reduced ID in the tubing string and a polished bore to anchor and seal a flow control device, with or without locks.

Sliding Sleeves

Establish communication between the tubing string and the casing annulus for single- or multiple-tubing-string completions.

Temporary Tubing Plugs

Temporarily plug the tubing for snubbing operations or for setting a packer.

Miscellaneous Completion Accessories

Use specialized accessories to address a range of downhole issues, such as multiport packers with retrieval problems, stuck flow control valves, erosive wear from fluid turbulence, erosive fluid blasts from perforations, and more.

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Extensive Array of Completion Tubular Accessories

Completion Accessories
All completion accessories are backed by vigorous qualification and testing processes. Download brochure

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