Chemical Injection Mandrels

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Reliable subsurface chemical injection

Chemical injection mandrels enable injection of chemicals in applications beyond the pressure, temperature, and tensile-load resistance restrictions of conventional products. They are assembled as part of the tubing string when the well is being prepared for chemical injection. A stainless steel or MONEL chemical injection capillary tube is attached to the mandrel at surface; the mandrel and injection line are then run to the desired depth with the completion. 

Chemicals are used for corrosion prevention, as well as to inhibit formation of gas hydrates, scale, asphaltenes, or paraffin in critical equipment in the tubing string. 

Suitable for HPHT, corrosive environments

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant alloys suitable for service in high concentrations of H2S or CO2, mandrels are available for pressures up to 20,000 psi [138 MPa], temperatures up to 400 degF [204 degC], and a wide range of tubing sizes. Redundant, field-proven, corrosion-resistant check valves enhance reliability. 

Easy operational test procedure

Check valve integrity can be verified at any time by applying pressure in the tubing and monitoring the pressure in the injection line.

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